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RED Law attorneys bring decades of experience navigating the complex terrain of high-stakes employment law matters, including the subtle governance and cultural conditions that come into play when handling such matters. We’ve represented highly placed individuals from a diverse range of industries, most notably within the unique environments of venture-backed tech and life science companies, and in a range of companies from private, early stage start-ups to Global Fortune 100 public corporations.

We advise employees, officers, directors and founders through disputes, transitions, and separations. We provide strategic advice and advocacy to executives in the hiring and separation process, and to entrepreneurs in various corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions.

Matters we regularly handle

  • Offer letters and employment agreements
  • Severance, transition, retention, and change in control agreements
  • Bonus, compensation and equity agreements at all stages of entity life cycle, including startup, follow-on round, pre-IPO and merger and acquisition activity
  • Proprietary information agreements and restrictive covenants, including trade secret, confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-competition and non-solicitation clauses
  • Partnership and independent contractor agreements
  • Section 280G golden parachute issues
  • Section 409A deferred compensation issues

Our practice focuses on counseling individuals to resolve actual or potential disputes through direct negotiation rather than litigation. In the event that litigation becomes unavoidable, we co-counsel with the most trusted and experienced litigators in the Bay Area—and we stay with our clients through the process.

Our team’s nearly fifty years of combined litigation experience means we’re able to work in partnership with our clients and co-counsel to ensure seamless, expert representation throughout—and to achieve compelling results.*

*Past experience does not guarantee or indicate any future outcome.

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If you are navigating a challenging employment situation or negotiating an employment transition, our attorneys can offer the guidance or representation you need. Message us here or call us at (415) 529 4770.